Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Chicken Salad Sandwich on Portobello

Here's one for all you busy folks. Takes less than 15 minutes, and serves 3.

1. Mix 1 can of chicken with 2 avocados, you'll need to do some squishing to get the avocado to mush.
2. Slice 1C grapes in half, and crush about 1/2C of cashews so they are not whole, but not powder. Add to the chicken/avocado mix.
3. Add 1/2teaspoon of curry, and a pinch of salt. Mix well and put aside.
4. Cut 2 large portobello mushrooms in 1/4" slices, and put the chicken salad mix on the mushrooms.
5. Slice 2-3 medium sized tomatos and add to sandwich. Either top with another slice of portobello, or enjoy open face. 

A few dates make an excellent treat after this sandwich!

Also, I realize I haven't updated you with the struggle to be paleo. So far, the first 2ish days were the worst, and now I don't really want to eat anything that isn't paleo. I thought I'd miss soda a lot more than I actually do - I have replaced it with a little fruit juice mixed with a lot of water - I do go after fruit tons more than I "should," but I keep myself pretty clean. I did have a piece of cake on Sunday because I was at dinner with some friends and it looked fantastic... but you'll all be relieved to hear that I didn't even like it. I have never been a big cake fan, and it just made me feel guilty. It's also getting easier to be creative with my meals, I even started meal planning this week with cute little calendars, and shopping lists I designed.

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