Tuesday, August 7, 2012


That's all I want... Just some good ol' fashioned soda, lots of fruit, or some cliff shots... I'm really not too picky. Unfortunately... Paleo gods say no to sugar... Poor me. Thank heaven for Whole Foods, I went tonight as soon as I was off work with Sades and acquired quite the booty. Among other veggies and such, here's the stuff I tried out today.

First we've got some naked coconut water, this lychee variety - not the best, we'll see if the mango variety is better.
The soda is aight, not worth the money though, it's just carbonated water with citrus juice, much cheaper to mix yourself, which is what I will be doing from now on when I'm craving some soda. 
Then comes the magic- coconut chocolate paste. YUM! I could straight up marry this stuff!

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