Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's German... For "food"

Welcome!... to my blog about the food I'm eating... So here's the deets: I was in Haiti for 6 weeks teaching with an organization called Sustain Haiti. It was an INCREDIBLE experience which I loved every single second of. Unfortunately, the food over there may or may not have given me GI issues... boo. So now you're up to speed. I am blogging about my attempt at: THE PALEO DIET!! Well I don't really know a whole lot about it right now, the reasoning, the dietary science, the breakdown, or legitimacy of the "feces in yo bloodstream" idea... yeah, this guy is radical, no, not all paleos think this extremely... so okay... I am being a little dramatic... but he started it. Articles like this should not pop up when you're looking for legitimate research on the paleo diet. Blame it on the g-g-g-g-google. (that's supposed to sound like second 18 of the song below..)
Well anyways... here's what I ate today... actually... here's a story about how I almost starved first. So last night, I went on a hike up Little Cottonwood Canyon (LCC - remember that, I love to abbreviate, in fact from now on, abbreviate, you are abrv.) This hike was supposed to be a climb, but where's the fun in not getting lost in scrub oak and setting a rap that's a bit too long for your 70m rope? I get it.. you don't climb and aren't quite pickin' up what I'm puttin' down... here you go... it's not actually very helpful but it was funny to me, and hey - I tried. So I get home, pretty dang tired at 1/2 am, and wake up after the 6th snooze attempt this morning at 7:30, work starts at 8. Well I rush into work on my second day of the paleo diet, yeah, super hungry, and don't have the chance to leave til 10:30, at which point, I smash up some avocado, blend some curry, salt, and canned chicken into it, and realize that I don't actually want to eat that all by its self. This is where the crisis began. So I head to Harmon's and am scouring the shelves for vegetable chips (not technically paleo when fried in canola oil, like the Harmon's variety I bought, but I don't care) So I call my bester (that's Sadee's abrv) who is the reason I even know about this diet, she's a health nut, and always going from healthy thing to healthy thing. Well she tells me that the chips are there, if only I can "open my mind" to the secret world of paleo. I do, and wham! everything that contains sugar, wheat, soy, or dairy suddenly turned into pokey monsters and were chasing me around trying to cut my large intestines open so my feces will leak all over the place... No success for them though, I found the stupid chips (40 minutes and many insults at the "wheat haters" later) and then started scouring the rows of attacking processed food enemies for chocolate without soy, milk, wheat, or sugar. Good freaking luck right? Well I failed there, and instead found the peanut butter section, not quite what I was looking for, and honestly the hazelnut butter I picked up has sugar in it AND is gross, but I had some coconut chocolate butter from Sadee the other day, and it was good, so I had to try it. The almond butter is actually pretty good though success

Here we have it then, mashed avocado, canned chicken, salt, curry, and way more veggie chips than are pictured here. I don't even like veggie chips... I just needed something to throw this little mix onto.
Here we have the nut butters, and here are the rest of them.

Soooo basically, I am hungry all the time, it's day two of my diet, and all I really want is to not feel sick after I eat! Wish me luck... One meal down, two to go today. Also... I miss Mnt. Dewwwwww! But stop encouraging my bad behavior. 

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